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G_RobertsonWelcome to Robert B. Miller College

Miller College is a unique institution that takes pride in serving the needs of the community.  The administrative team, faculty, staff, board members and many constituents are dedicated individuals who support the College purpose and its mission.  The campus is energized by the junior and senior level students that attend the College.

The College mission is to graduate students who exhibit a high level of competence in their area of study and demonstrate service to the community. The College values student learning, critical thinking, oral and written communication skills, and an understanding of a globally-oriented world.  Miller College has a strong commitment to high-quality academic programs in the School of Arts & Sciences, The School of Business, The School of Education, and The School of Nursing.

The College faculty are student-centered educators, who bring to the classroom years of experience from other settings in business, industry, K-12 classrooms, hospitals, and other colleges. The College has established very strong partnerships with its active advisory committees which help with curriculum development and academic programs.  These committees provide a link between the College and current practitioners in their respective fields of business, industry, education, and health care.

Miller College has a clear focus and priority on its educational responsibilities.  The College leadership strives to provide high-quality educational programs that clearly serve the needs of the students, potential employers, and the community.  Advisors are available to meet with you and will take the time to outline a program of study that meets your individual needs, goals and interests.

When you are on campus please stop by my office to receive a special Miller College welcome.

It is with great pride that I introduce the following outstanding programs and dedicated faculty that are available to answer any questions that you have about the College and the programs.

Gloria Robertson
Vice President

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