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Sarah Gillette

Sarah Gillette will be working with the students on play writing and production.  She will also direct the three student productions.

SarahGilletteI worked with the Galesburg-Augusta High School Drama Club (9th-12th grades) for 4 years as co-club advisor and director of the spring play. My duties included meeting monthly with the club to discuss upcoming projects, fundraisers, and working on current production.

Each spring I directed a play of my choosing to be presented for one weekend at the middle school auditorium. I would choose the play based on what students I knew I had in the small program which could be anywhere from 5-12. Since there was not a lot of support in the school district for the arts, it was my job with the assistance of my husband, Fred Gillette as Technical Director and a high school teacher, Eric Hayner, to do every aspect of the production. I served as head director, costumer, publicity and many other hats to stage the production.

 During my four years, I directed the following shows.

  1. Disorder in the Court (2007). A farce based in a southern court room. Cast of 10
  2. Destiny (2008) – A farce based on the theme of a 1980’s soap opera. Cast of 10-12
  3. Barefoot In The Park (2009) – Neil Simon Comedy – Cast of 6
  4. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (2010) – Fairytale – cast of 12.

 The program was discontinued after the last show as the high school liaison took a job with another school; there was a change in the principal of the high school, and lack support from the school itself.

I have been doing theatre in the local area for over 30 years and prior to that I directed and performed for a dinner theatre company in Wisconsin.

Currently I am a resident company member of What A Do Theatre in Springfield, Michigan as well as a full-time executive assistant to the District Superintendent of the United Methodist Church, Albion District.



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