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What A Do Theatre


What A Do Theatre, working with Sarah Gillette, will produce the three student productions. They will be responsible for all aspects of the production: lighting, sound, costumes, sets, and props. What A Do Theatre is a wonderful theatre located on Dickman Road.

WhatADoTheatreWhat a Do is committed to enhancing the cultural life of the Cities of Battle Creek and Springfield, Calhoun County, and the State of Michigan by presenting life-affirming, live, theatre that reflects and challenges the values and beliefs of the community. Emphasis is placed on providing an avenue for playwrights to express their voice through original and newly established works in order to engage audiences of diverse ages, cultures, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

What A Do's programming philosophy is to focus on contemporary playwrights who express their voice through dramas that have a strong sense of humor: dry, wry, or otherwise. Examples of playwrights to be featured are: James Sherman, Claudia Allen, Nilo Cruz, Leonard Madrid, Martin McDonagh, and Kristine Thatcher.

What A Do's goal is to create a writers ensemble to develop original works by Michigan artists

What A Do is dedicated to creating jobs for theatre professionals from the community and recognizes passion for theatre is developed at a young age; therefore, it is vital to establish outreach and educational activities serving the youth in the community: individually, through local primary/secondary schools, and through partnerships with nonprofit arts and culture organizations.

What A Do is committed to establishing a multi-age performing arts program that trains future artists and audiences alike.

What A Do is dedicated to providing professional/internship with the universities and community colleges in the region to stem the tide of “brain drain” in Michigan.

What A Do's vision for performing arts in Battle Creek includes building a venue to be shared with other non-profit performing arts organizations. This performing arts center can also be used for art/photographic exhibitions, concerts, and film screenings

To learn more about What A Do Theatre, visit its website



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