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Job Description: Dean of the Binda School of Education


Reporting to the Vice President of Academic Affairs, the Dean is responsible for providing administrative and academic direction, leadership and control for curriculum and programs within the School of Education. Working closely with an active advisory board, the position has overall accountability for academic program offerings, curriculum and program design, program review, assessment of student learning, course scheduling and ensuring state/accreditation compliance. Additionally, the successful candidate will be expected to be current with State and legislative issues for Teacher Preparation programs and national requirements for the Council for the Accreditation Educator Preparation (CAEP).  Salary range $55,000 - $70,000; full fringe benefits.



  1. Determines faculty qualifications as appropriate for courses and programs.
  2. Oversees recruitment, hiring, evaluation, and retention of faculty with attention to diversity.
  3. Establishes training and communication expectations and content for faculty.
  4. Develop course schedules that meet the needs of the students



  1. Serves as a liaison to regulatory and accreditation agencies.
  2. Oversees all efforts to evaluate, pursue, secure, and maintain accreditation, including programmatic accreditation.
  3. Collects and maintains evidence to demonstrate compliance with accreditation standards.



  1. Oversees the development of program/curriculum design aligned to industry standards.
  2. Accountable for establishing master course schedule in alignment with institutional goals.



  1. Establishes and implements an assessment system for measuring student learning outcomes and program effectiveness.
  2. Spearheads program evaluation utilizing programmatic, institutional and industry data for continuous program improvement.
  3. Tracks student placement pre and post-graduation to understand challenges and opportunities.



  1. Initiate industry linkages that will assist in curriculum development and career opportunities for graduates.
  2. Engages with the K-12 sector to maintain strong relationship and a pulse on trends within the field.
  3. Works closely with Michigan Directors and representatives of Teacher Education programs (DARTEP), partner      institutions and the Deans Council.
  4. Work closely with the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Associate Vice President for Marketing and Enrollment Services in enhancing the program’s image, visibility and student enrollment.


Minimum Qualifications:

Qualified candidate must have a Master’s degree, terminal degree preferred.

Must additionally have a record of successful administrative/leadership roles and responsibilities

Successful experience in collaborative efforts to enhance and extend college programs

Desired Qualifications:

Teaching experience in K-12 education and successful higher education administrative experience.

Successful leadership roles in academic program review, assessing student learning outcomes, and program or regional accreditation.

Prior recognition, awards for excellence in teaching.

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