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Attendance Policy (See College Catalog)

It is accepted academic philosophy that class attendance is essential to the overall educational value of a course of study in higher education. In order to achieve maximum benefit from educational activities, Miller College expects regular class attendance from all students.

The standards of performance to be met by students, including specific attendance regulations for each course, will be set by each faculty member for his or her own course. Class attendance policies and other course requirements will be published in the course syllabus and will be discussed in detail by the faculty member on the first day of class. It is important that students secure a copy of each course syllabus from Blackboard prior to the beginning of classes; if students are unable to do so, they may request a copy from the instructor on the first day of class. Any student who must miss an examination has the responsibility of notifying the faculty member as soon as is practical. It is the decision of the faculty member whether exams may be made up.


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