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Physical Resource Room for the Visit

Location-Miller College Board Room


1. Welcome to Battle Creek, Michigan Packet

-Agenda for the visit - Organizational Chart

-Hotel information -Maps of the City and surrounding area

-Maps of the campus - List of nearby restaurants in the area

2. Index of the supporting evidence in the Self-Study

3. HR documents are in the Human Resource Office for review as requested (See Lorene Frisbie, Director of Administrative Services Room 310)

4. Access to facilities and electronics in the Resource Room

-Two Lap tops Computers -Two printers

-Fax Machine (269) 565-2180 -Access to a Phone and Phone lists

-Copier in break room next to the Resource Room

5. A map of the Mawby Center showing immediate access to facilities and Computer labs if needed

6. Technology Assistance- Immediate access to an individual to help with technology/projector

(See Dr. Sean Kottke, Dean of the School of Education and Arts & Sciences)

7. Request for additional files (See Jacqueline McInnis Administrative & Academic Assistant)

8. Office Supplies will be available in the Resource Room (paper, pens, staplers, post-it notes, bandages kleenex, etc.)

9. Coat Rack

10. Snacks for team (ex. Coffee, soda, water, snacks, fruit)

11. Conference Rooms for private meetings with Faculty, Board Members, Invited guests

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