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Bonnie Quick, RN to BSN student

“At 53 years old I’d been out of school for over 20 years when I considered returning for my Bachelors degree. Miller College was exactly what I needed – small, close to my home and my full-time job. The number of students per class is much lower than larger colleges, and every professor/instructor genuinely wants students to achieve their goals. They are always available to assist in any way they can. Another plus is that you can go at your own pace – that really helps me balance my education with the other demands of my life. Miller College is just the BEST!”


Iris McKinley, Business Administration student

“I’m a working professional and Miller College had what I was looking for in a business program – the perfect location, evening classes with convenient start and end times, and easy transfer of my credits from Kellogg Community College. Talking with an advisor convinced me that Miller was the college for me.”


Charles Celli, Nurse Applicant Student

“Miller College offers evening classes, which makes it a lot easier to schedule around my full time job. The BSN program is accredited and affordable and it’s taught by teachers who gladly give individual attention to help students who learn better one-on-one. Small class sizes help, too. I really like that the program requires volunteer time.”


Bridgette Jones, Business Administration student

“Miller College course hours are perfect for a working mom - shorter sessions and an evening session that runs from 4:00 to 6:40 PM really help me to maximize my time. I'm hoping for job advancement once I obtain my degree, and the smaller classes at Miller give me more of the one-on-one with instructors and classmates that should make me a better job candidate.”


Virginia MacPherson, Business Administration student

“I’m a single parent so I needed a college close to home with flexible class scheduling. Miller offers courses that best fit my interests in business; it’s a friendly environment that has become a home away from home for me.”


Linda Engle, Business Administration student

“Miller was very flexible when I applied – they were willing to recognize and reward my years of work experience. The location is convenient and the learning environment is comfortable. Just as important, a degree at Miller College is affordable!”


Greg Flesch, Business Administration student

“What I like most about Miller College is the easy access to the faculty. The professors and instructors are highly professional and experienced, but they don’t distance themselves from the students. Instead, they offer personal attention, in and out of the classroom. Miller College resources are top-notch, too – the Computer Resource Center has current technology and it’s very accessible to students. All in all, Miller College provides a friendly, life-learning atmosphere.”

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