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Bachelor of Science: Elementary Education, Option #2 

Candidates pursuing Elementary Education certification with endorsements in Learning Disabilities (SM) or Early Childhood Education (ZA) are required to complete an Option 2 program of study. This degree program includes 42 SH of General Education requirements, 34 SH of Professional Education requirements and 45 SH of coursework in a Comprehensive Major, in addition to the coursework requirements of the SM or ZA programs of study. The Option 2 program of study is currently under review by the Michigan Department of Education based on new state certification standards for elementary education. Please contact Miller College for updated information on course requirements.

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education requires a minimum of 120 semester hours of course work. The Teacher Education Program emphasizes practical knowledge, field placement experiences, and professional development so that graduates of the program are equipped with knowledge to serve as excellent teachers of children and educational leaders in public and private schools. Graduates will have the necessary knowledge and skills to enhance the learning environments and positively impact the lives of others.

In keeping with the College Mission, students are also expected to complete one hour of service learning for every semester hour they are enrolled at Miller College. Service learning may be performed at any time prior to completion of the Senior Seminar. Evidence of service learning must be documented in the Student Electronic Portfolio. Opportunities for service learning will be available  throughout each academic year. 

General Education Requirements  42 SH

English Composition  9 SH                                                                    

English Composition I  3 SH                                                                              
LBAR 300 – Junior Seminar 3 SH *
ENGL 310 – Advanced Comp and Textual Analysis I 3 SH *                   

Science and Mathematics 

Life Science for Elementary Teachers 3 SH            

SCIE 330 – Research Methods 3 SH *                                                              
Statistics at the 100 or 200 level 3 SH or  
MATH 305 – Applied Statistics  ** or
Math for Elementary Teachers Part II 

Social Science/Humanities/Creativity  6 SH

(Teacher Education  candidates MUST take:
A course in Literature and 
A course in Appreciation of the Arts or Creative Arts                                            

Oral Communication 

Speech or Interpersonal Communication or                                                                                                                 
COMM 310 – Presentation Delivery and Design

Organizational Behavior/Group Communication
(EDUC 402 will meet this requirement) 


An ehtics philosophy course or PHIL 310 - Business and Professional Ethics 3 SH

(EDUC 499 will meet this requirement)                                             

A Globally-Oriented Course 3 SH

EDUC 302 - Diversity & Inclusion l

(These three semester hours are counted among the Professional Education Requirements) 

Senior Seminar (EDCU 499)

(These three semester hours are counted among the Professional Education Requirements)

General Education 9 SH

Courses in any General Education area will meet this requirement. Teacher Education candidates take at least one course in History, Geography or Political Science. 
(EDUC 305 meets 3 SH of this requirement)


Professional Education Requirements - 34 SH

*Foundations of Education 3 SH 
EDUC 301 – Introduction to Education 3 SH 
EDUC 302 – Diversity and Inclusion 3 SH 
EDUC 305 – Educational Psychology 3 SH 
EDUC 402 – Classroom Management 3 SH 
EDUC 420 – Elementary Methods 6 SH 
EDUC 498 – Student Internship 10 SH 
EDUC 499 – Senior Seminar 3 SH 

*Transfer courses Business Concentration 

Comprehensive Major - 45 SH

*Early Childhood Literacy 3 SH
*Young Children With Special Needs 3 SH
*Mathematics for Elementary Teachers l 3 SH

EDUC 310 – Teaching Reading and Language Arts I 3 SH
EDUC 311 – Teaching Reading and Language Arts II 3 SH
EDUC 313 - Teaching Writing 3 SH
EDUC 320 – Science for Teachers I 3 SH
EDUC 321 – Science for Teachers II 3 SH
EDUC 322 – Mathematics Methods for Teachers 3 SH
EDUC 330 – Social Studies for Teachers I 3 SH
EDUC 331 – Social Studies for Teachers II 3 SH
EDUC 341 - The Arts for Elementary Teachers 1.5 SH
EDUC 342 - Health and Physical Education for Teachers 1.5 SH
EDUC 350 - Reading Foundations 3 SH
EDUC 421 – Technology for the Classroom Teacher 3 SH
EDUC 467 - Succeeding with Students Who Have Challenging Behaviors 3 SH  

* Transfer courses


Early Childhood Education Minor - 21 SH

*Positive Child Guidance 3 SH
*Infant and Toddler Care 3 SH
*Early Childhood Environments 3 SH
*Child Care Administration 3 SH
*Appropriate Assessment with Young Children 3 SH
*Anti-Bias Curriculum in Early Childhood Settings 3 SH
*Early Childhood Internship I 3 SH

Learning Disabilities (K-12) Major - 30 SH

EDUC 303 – Diversity and Inclusion II 3 SH
EDUC 317 – Reading Assessment and 3 SH Classroom Practices
EDUC 430 – Literacy for Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Learner 3 SH  
EDUC 431 – Learning Disabilities: Theory to Practice 3 SH
EDUC 432 – Special Education Curriculum and Methods 3 SH  
EDUC 433 – Productive Interactions: Teachers, Parent, Student 3 SH 
EDUC 468 – Directed Student Internship In LD: Elementary 6 SH  
EDUC 469 – Directed Student Internship In LD: Secondary 6 SH

In addition to the Professional Education Requirements of a full semester of Student Internship ( EDUC 498) in a regular classroom setting, Learning Disabilities Majors must also complete EDUC 468 and EDUC 469 to fulfill the requirement of a 14 week placement in a special education setting at the elementary and secondary level. 

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