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Bachelor of Applied Science: General Studies

The Bachelor of Applied Science Degree with a General Studies major is designed for the student with considerable transfer credit in general studies areas who desires a bachelor’s degree for entry into various fields.  This requires at least 120 semester hours of course work and is designed to supplement learning already achieved, including strengthening it with the Miller College Core Courses.  Students must successfully complete 30 semester hours at the 300/400 level with at least 30 semester hours at Miller College and meet all Miller College graduation requirements to receive this degree.  In keeping with the College Mission, students are expected to complete one hour of service learning for every hour they are enrolled at Miller College.  Service learning may be performed at any time prior to completion of the Senior Seminar.  The purpose of this guide is to outline the General Studies program’s requirements.  Please be aware that your catalog year and requirements are determined by the first semester in which you actually take classes at Miller College.


Students often have transfer for evrything except the five Miller College Core classes. 

English Composition and Junior Seminar                                                                      

English Composition I ( Essay Writing) 3 SH                                                                               
LBAR 300 – Junior Seminar  3 SH

ENGL 310 - Advanced Composition and Textual Analysis l 3 SH 

Science and Mathematics 

A laboratory science course or 

SCIE 320 – Environmental Issues and Local Impact            

 SCIE 330 – Research Methods  3SH                                                              
Pre-req:  LBAR 300 with a grade of “C” or higher              

Statistics or
MATH 305 – Applied Statistics  **

Social Science/Humanities/Creativity  6 SH


Oral Communication 3 SH

Speech, Interpersonal Communication or                                                                                                                 
COMM 310 – Presentation Delivery and Design                            

 Globally-Oriented Course 3 SH

One of the following courses:

COMM 410 – Intercultural Communication
SOCI 310 – Human Diversity

 Senior Seminar ( LBAR 499)

(The 3Sh are counted under the major.)

General Studies Major 30 SH

An organizational behavior course 3 SH or
A group communication course or
PSYC 310 – Organizational and Group Dynamics

An ethics or philosophy course 3 SH or
PHIL 310 – Business and Professional Ethics or
PHIL 320 – Leadership Principles

SOCI 320 - Contemporary American Family 3 SH
Literature Course 3 SH
General Studies Electives 15 SH
LBAR 499 – Senior Seminar 3 SH



Minimum 30 SH at 300/400 level with at least 30 semester hours from Miller College.

*Basic Proficiency in Microsoft Word is expected 
**Basic Proficiency in Microsoft Excel is expected.   The Miller College Core consists of courses that must be taken to ensure that students have specified upper division general education courses from Miller College.





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