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The Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies with MCOLES Basic Police Training requires at least 120 semester hours of course work.  It is designed for the student planning to enter the field of Law Enforcement.

Complete Associate’s degree in Law Enforcement at a Community College that includes the MCOLES Basic Police Training.

SECOND AND THIRD YEARS AT MILLER COLLEGE  51 SH                                

LBAR 300        Junior Seminar  3 SH                                                                

ENGL 310       Advanced Composition and Textual Analysis I  3 SH       

SCIE 330        Research Methods 3 SH                                                         

MATH 305      Applied Statistics   3 SH                                                             


COMM 310    Presentation Delivery and Design 3 SH                                   


PSYC 310       Organizational and Group Dynamics 3 SH                            

PSYC 410       Conflict Management 3 SH                                                      

SOCI 310        Human Diversity 3 SH                                                               


Any literature course                                                                                  

SOCI 320        Contemporary American Family 3 SH                                     

PHIL 320         Leadership Principles 3 SH                                                          

PHIL 330         Skeptical, Critical, Logical Thinking, or PHIL 310 3 SH             

POLS 310        Elections and Public Offices, or POLS 326 3 SH                      


Electives         Either at Miller College or a Community College 9 SH           

LBAR 499        Senior Seminar 3 SH                                                                 


Transfer and/or Electives to Total: 120 SH                                                        


Minimum 45 SH at 300-400 level with at least 30 SH from Miller College
• Miller College Core


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