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School of Business

Bachelor of Science: Business Administration

The Business Administration program focuses on developing the knowledge, skills, and abilities required for success in tomorrow's business world. Whether a student wants to succeed in a for-profit, not-for-profit, or advanced degree educational organization, they require a complete set of “tools” necessary to compete. Miller College business graduates are prepared with courses in accounting, finance, strategic planning, qualitative and quantitative analysis, leadership, and business psychology. Critical thinking, professional writing, and oral communication skills are stressed in every course providing students with a transferable set of skills that tomorrow's world requires.

Bachelor of Science: Business Administration with a concentration in Health Administration

The Health Administration Concentration is designed for those students with a completed associate degree in a health care field. This program combines the business management skill set of the business administration program with specifically designed courses focusing on medical informatics, health care policy and law, and health care planning. Graduates of the program will have experience with critical thinking and problem solving, professional writing, oral communication, and leadership strategies.

Bachelor of Applied Science: Management

The Bachelor of Applied Science in Management allows students with training and work experience in a specific field to develop managerial decision making skills vital to the business world. Managerial accounting and finance courses provide training in quantitative analysis. Human resource management and communication courses provide a general management focus. Leadership and team-building courses provide the enhanced focus for individual success. This program is particularly valuable for students who want to advance within their current profession or develop their own business.

School of Business Faculty



Barnaby Pung

Dean of Business

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Barry Chapman

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Dave Disler

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Doyle Hayes

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Dean Newsome

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Michael Walby

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