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Military & VA Benefits

You served your country; now it’s time for your country to serve you, by helping you earn a college degree. 

VA Benefits are managed by the Department of Veterans Affairs. The Miller College Financial Aid Office works closely with the DVA, certifying enrollment each semester to make sure that veterans like you receive the help you deserve.

Explore eligibility details, or you may apply for VA benefits by using the Veterans Online Application or VONAPP.

Miller College offers service members the following:

  • Montgomery GI Bill Benefits
  • Michigan National Guard Grant
  • Select Reserve GI Bill Benefits
  • Active Duty College Benefits
  • Post 9/11 GI Bill Benefits
  • Institutional Scholarships

Veteran's Benefits

The goal of Vocational Rehabilitation is to help veterans overcome any limits posed by their disability and achieve employment and independence.

Please check the VA website for eligibility details

Veterans Online Application or VONAPP

Miller College currently participates iwth 6 different VA benefit qualifications, Chapter 30, 31, 33, 35, 1606 and 1607. The College also awards a MI National Guard Scholarship, which allows active members of the Army and Air National Guard to go to school at Miller College, use their GI Bill, and receive a tuition discount of 25%. 


Attention Veterans!

 Please review the publication issued from the Veterans Affairs Office at  for information concerning items that may be affected by the government shutdown. For more information, please visit the VA website at or call the appropriate telephone number listed in the guide.

There are currently a lot of unknowns to the impact of the shutdown; however, as soon as Miller College receives further information from the VA Education Liaison Representative, it will be shared with you. Please continue to check the GI Bill website for announcements.


American Council of Education

The American Council of Education (ACE) evaluates military training and education and translates that knowledge into credit recommendations. Miller College accepts all ACE recommendations and in addition, the school's Experiential Learning Team evaluates any training or courses not covered by ACE and goes above and beyond to award credit for that knowledge as well.

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