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College Life

The Robert B. Miller College Student Association is the voice for the student body at Miller College. The Student Association acts as the liaison between students and the Miller College administration and strives to enhance the college experience by taking forth ideas for improvement, sponsoring events and activities and assisting in the development of other organizations in the future.

The Student Association provides leadership opportunities for interested students and membership is open to all current students of Miller College. Currently, the following members hold key leadership positions, as follows:

Student Association Officers

  • President: Rodney Marshall
  • Vice President: (Vacant)
  • Treasurer: Chad Osborn
  • Secretary: Jozzlyn Richards

While it is anticipated that other student clubs and organizations will develop within specific areas of interest over time, the Student Association will remain at the center and will strive to serve all students of Miller College.

Mission Statement

The Student Association of Miller College will serve as a forum for discussion and recommendation on matters pertaining to your life as a student here at Miller College. This critical board will serve as an advisory committee to the Executive Director of Community Relations and the College on student concerns, student activities and issues, and College policies and support services.

Download a copy of the MCSA bylaws. (32 KB, DOC)


  • Students must be actively enrolled at Miller College (fall and/or spring semesters of the current school year).
  • All students must comply with all college policies and procedures. Failure to do this may result in a loss of recognition status.
  • It is recommended that all members familiarize themselves with Robert’s Rules of Order.


There are no dues required. (Open donations will be accepted)


Dates may be changed by semester/schedule as needed or as deemed necessary. The meetings are conducted using Robert’s Rules of Order.

All officers must be familiar with Roberts Rules of Order


Role: Lead the meetings; act as a liaison between the administration and the association. Delegate responsibilities. With the Vice-President, set up, organize, and assist with events sponsored by the Student Association.


Role: Monitoring the proper usage of Roberts Rules of Order. Fill in for the President when the President is unable to serve or in case of resignation.


Role: In charge of written communication (could include meeting minutes, flyers, website, or e-mails). Fill in for the Vice-President in case the Vice-President is unable to serve or in case of resignation.


Role: Handles and accounts for any money generated by the association and works at raising money, if needed, for activities. Fill in for the Secretary in case of the Secretary’s absence.

All Officers Length of Service: No more then two consecutive semesters without a re-election. Elections will be held during the March meeting of each school year. (Or during other meetings in the case of an officer withdrawing or becoming ineligible.) Incoming officers will be expected to assume their positions in the April meeting (or the following meeting in cases or an officer withdrawing or becoming ineligible).

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