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Computer Lab

Computer Lab 1Miller College students have access to computer labs within the Mawby Center and to all of the KCC open computer labs. These facilities are designed to provide students with various software packages that will help them be successful. Computers are available in a classroom setting as well as an open lab area. Additionally, each lab has access to e-mail and the World Wide Web. Miller College and KCC reserve the right to limit student access to these computers, based on the needs of the labs.

Miller College has an instructional computer lab located in Room 107 of the Mawby Center. Additional student mini-computer labs are available in Rooms 106 and 319. Computer laboratory hours are subject to change each semester. Schedules will be posted outside each computer lab in the Mawby Center. Please refer to these schedules for lab availability. Contact KCC directly or visit the KCC website at for their open lab hours.

All users should review Miller College’s policies for Computer and Communications Technology Use found in the Computer and Communications Technology Use section of the Student Handbook.

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