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What is the Trillium Society?

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What it is:

TheTrillium Society provides service to others in the form of:

  • Offering to peer review student papers.
  • Reading to children/tutoring at Safeplace.
  • Assisting students in computer use.
  • Reviewing completed accounting assignments.
  • Coaching/advising students taking statistics.
  • Helping out at Battle Creek’s Historical Society.

Help! How can I find a peer reviewer?

Just click here (114 KB, PDF) to download a directory of current Trillium Society members who are eager to help you out!

What are the requirements to become a member of the Trillium Society?

There are none.  When you offer your time in any of the above you are automatically a member.

How are service hours counted?

Service hours are counted in blocks of one hour.  If a student requests help and it only takes 15 minutes provide what is needed, you get credit for the whole hour.  Each peer reviewer keeps track of their hours by date, time and location of service.  A signature by any Miller College professor validates the record and may be requested after several hours have been served.

How do I get started?

Contact any officer of the Student Association and ask to be put on the list to either:

  1. Peer review
  2. Help children at Safeplace.
  3. Assist students navigate Microsoft Word.
  4. Review completed accounting assignments
  5. Coach/advise students taking statistics
  6. Any combination of the above

If you wish to be a peer reviewer or provide computer assistance, your name and phone number will appear on a list made available to other Miller College students.  If you wish to help at Safeplace indicate so and arrange an appointment with Dr. Rasmussen who will explain the details.

Can you tell me more about being a Peer Reviewer?

Yes. A Peer Reviewer does not guarantee expertise.  He or she is just another student looking over another student’s paper and is reacting to what they understand are the way to use commas, APA style, etc.  They look first for spelling and punctuation, then, if requested, they may respond to what makes sense/is not clear to them.  If the student requesting the review has a rubric it may be used it as a guide for discussion.

What about helping with software use?  Please tell me more.

If you are a student who is proficient using the computer, you might be of great assistance to someone who lacks skills or confidence in technical areas, such as setting up formatting a Microsoft Office Word document, Excel spreadsheet, PowerPoint, or saving documents to specific folders or drives.

Any other benefits?

Well, if you put it in your resume the name looks really good, and when the employer asks what the Trillium Society is, you can say it’s a society that helps other people.  How cool is that!

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