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Vivian Lusch Memorial Network Scholarship

The Marshall Network organization is seeking applicants for the Vivian Lusch Memorial Network Scholarship which is given annually to a “nontraditional student”, defined as a student

who does not enter college directly after high school.  The applicant may be pursuing a degree, classes to enhance current employment opportunities or professional development activities, such as workshops, seminars, trade classes, mini-course, etc.   Applicants must reside within the Marshall School district and exemplify positive character traits.  The scholarship awards vary annually.  The applicant must complete an application along with recommendation letters and return to the Marshall Community Foundation, no later than May 1st

Applicant must reside within the Marshall Public School District or have children attending Marshall Public Schools as their School of Choice.

For an application, contact the Marshall Community Foundation at #269-781-2273 or visit the website,  The Foundation is located at 614 Homer Rd., Marshall.


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